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PLURIS 2012 represents the continuation of the partnership between researchers from Brazil and Portugal with the goal to discuss and relate aspects of urban and regional planning, the built environment and quality of life, mobility and transportation, addressing current issues and involving not only features common to Brazil and Portugal, but also to other countries.

Preceded by PLURIS 2010, held in Faro - Portugal, the biennial conference has its fifth edition in Brazil, this time being based in Brasilia, from 03-05 of October, 2012. The Conference is open to participants with different profiles: researchers, academics, students and professionals linked to the themes and topics addressed in the conference.

In this edition of PLURIS cities and the rehabilitation of spaces will be the focus of the event. We believe that recovering the peripheries, valuing its historic and archaeological heritage, restructuring and expanding the urban network, and protecting the large free areas that the cities still have, the damage arising from lack of maintenance of the spaces can be minimized.

The role of professional architects or engineers increasingly faces the need for intervention in the pre-existing built space. An attitude of preservation and consistency with the pre-built is the key for keeping our identity and memory, but also focuses on legal, economic and sustainability issues of the built environment. Preserving means acting to ensure the preservation and authenticity of the buildings, which involves the rehabilitation of the relationship of scale, urban spaces and their uses, and also the preservation of what is not material, but that was built over the years and stated as tradition and local custom, setting the intangible heritage of the city.

Marta Adriana Bustos Romero,
University of Brasília (General Coordinator )

Papers accepted 2012-06-18


5º Congresso Luso-Brasileiro

Para o Planejamento Urbano, Regional, Integrado e Sustentável.

Secretaria  Do  Pluris 2012

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